Why choose CCE?


Our Business is your Business

At the very forefront of our operation is your business. Providing a return on investment approach and using various cost analysis processes can ensure that your business improvements will meet the standards that you set. If we can't improve your operation using our various technologies, we'll tell you. 

Solutions Driven

Anybody can buy equipment for their business. Not everyone finds a solution. Our job is to evaluate what needs to be solved, educate on the possibilities and ensure that the solution is beneficial to your business from both a financial and operational standpoint.

Real Life.. its a thing

Producing financial and operational benefits on paper are important, but correctly evaluating the nature of a business is where real solutions shine brightly. Not all operations are the same, neither are communication systems. Spending the time to ensure you will have "Fit for Purpose" equipment and a solution that all persons communicating can embrace is pivotal. Establishing these elements is where the difference lies between buying radios and being provided a solution. 

Leading Technology - Local Service

Authorised Dealers/Resellers for Motorola Solutions, Kenwood Communications, Hytera, Cellular PTT and a multitude of RF parts and accessories, we can supply all the leading solutions of the "Big-City" companies but with prompt local service you expect when acquiring business investments. Based in Tamworth, we service the entire North-west NSW area and various areas of the Mid-coast. Our depot can be found at 6/8 Hargrave Street Taminda NSW.