Rental / Lease Radios

We can find a solution for you


Did your last event not run as smoothly as it could of? 

Could effective communication solve issues raised in a JHA/SWMS on your job site?

Whether it is a short-term rental or a long term lease plan (or anything in between) we have cost effective options to suit your needs.

Why not buy some cheap Handheld CB Radios ??

     Our rental radio fleet can come with:

     · ACMA Licensed frequencies – Essential when Privacy is a must

     · Maximum licensed power output to increase the Signal Strength and range 

     · Purpose built device  - IP rated for Moisture, Shock and vibration

     · Longer battery life

     · Crystal Clear audio from certified accessories

     · Digital/Analogue Repeaters to eliminate any signal strength issues

Whether it be an event for thousands of people or a weekend away in the country with no phone service we have an affordable solution to suit the requirements.