Scalable Solutions

Whether you are a busy little Cafe or a Multi-level Club, two-way radio is there to connect everyone together. It only takes 2 radios to save you wearing a path from your Front-of-House to the Kitchen which prevents you from being where you need to be, with your customers!


Solve the big problems!

Sometimes business issues are so big they can be seen a mile away, sometimes they are so small we never see them and we only feel the remnants they leave behind. 

We all know the big issues that Radio can solve:

  • Communicating with the entire team at once
  • Locating outbound staff - Courtesy Buses, Ground Staff and Greenkeepers
  • Misson Critical comms during power outages/mobile phone network issues

What about the small issues on a day to day basis it can solve:

  • Chefs/Kitchen Staff not having to leave the prep area to solve issues - if a chef can communicate from prep area there is a better chance of your Steak not being overcooked! Don't ruin a Customer experience by a trip to the cool-room on a busy night. 
  • Internal Phone systems present issues, especially if you don't have wireless options. Contacting supervisors on a busy Friday night can be a task, especially when you need to call every phone individually. 

Fit for Purpose

Front-of-House Staff don't need big bulky radios shouting across a foyer, using the right accessory will keep a professional image whilst keeping your staff connected. Grounds staff can utilise Remote Speaker mics and various other options to make sure they are receiving loud and clear over machinery.

With the inception of PTT over Cellular, Management can stay connected using their smartphone anywhere in the world with an internet connection, even if you have a traditional Radio system. 

Need to know more?

Not sure how this might fit into your operation? Give us a call and we would be happy to work with you to see how you can benefit.