Installations - Maintenance - Support



With extensive experience installing:

  • PTToC Communications
  • 2-Way Radio 
  • GPS Equipment 
  • Mobile Phone Signal Boosters
  • Fatigue Management and
  •  Paperless Reporting Systems 

We can assist with any device you need to install.  Whether it be heavy earthmoving equipment, light vehicles or the workshop office we can customise the installation to best suit you and the equipment.


Maintenance is integral in any communications system. Maintenance can be scheduled checks on repeater networks and antenna systems involving coverage mapping or as simple as testing mobile radios in vehicles to ensure your radio has the required power and antenna to compliment.

Maintenance is not limited to commercial radio systems. Our test equipment can ensure that your CB Radio is working at it's best and wont let you down whether you are carting grain at harvest or 4wd'ing on weekends.


Remote monitoring, 24hr call out services or distant phone support are all requirements of various industries. We understand that many operations stretch much further than Mon-Fri 9 - 5. If your operation requires support across all operating hours  ask us how we can help you in the times you need it most.

Support is not just limited to mission critical radio services.

Technical Services

Planning Services

A well designed communications system can be one of the best assets to any operation. A poorly designed system can create more issues than it solves. Access to a range of software suites allows us take the guess work out and provide you with the science and piece of mind for your next communications solution.  

Radio Coverage Mapping


Evaluating the operation of your current radio network can provide the relevant data for the maintenance and improvement of your 2-way Radio Network. One of the most cost-effective evaluation tools for any radio network.

Equipment Testing


Maintaining your radio equipment is cost-effective when using the right tools. Our mobile test equipment can ensure your Mobile/In-vehicle radios, portables, repeaters and their Antenna's are working as they should be.

Remote 24/7 Monitoring


Monitoring your communications can save money and provide piece of mind when you are away from your operation. Integral for remote and isolated sites, monitoring can ensure that no unnecessary site visits are conducted.